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「 Scene in the misereal 」 [entries|friends|calendar]
-OZ- community

to instill, the first community for the visual-kei band, -OZ-

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vocal: Natsuki
guitar: Tama
guitar: Aki
bass: Nao
drums: ずっき~

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-OZ- poster + *VERY RARE* Disrepute demotapes [2012.07.11 ■ 1:26pm]

Hello, I'm selling few items which might interest you! First is a huge poster I bought at one of their European concerts.

You can check the details, price and details here.

I'm also selling VERY RARE demotapes by Disrepute, which was the pre-OZ band of Natsuki and Aki.

Disrepute - _FINAL TRIP_  45£
Disrepute - Gekka  45£

If you buy both, I'd sell it for 80£.

If buying few things, further bargaining is also an option, I'm more than glad to make a reasonable offer :)

As for the shipping cost, I will count it individually, since it will change according to the country and whether or not you'd like to have it sent by express or not. Once you let me know what you want to buy and which country to send it to, I will get back to you with an estimated total cost.

If you want to order, message me on LJ, comment here or send me an e-mail at [u]youngvaning@gmail.com[/u]. Payment is ONLY via PayPal.

Thank you in advance, I hope you will find some you really enjoy 


A-KON [2012.05.26 ■ 2:08pm]

How many of you guys are going to A-Kon this Friday?  I'm really hoping lots of people show up. It would be awesome to see that room fill up with -OZ- fans.

Also... Did you guys know they had twitter accounts?


Just in case there is someone on here that, like me, didn't know. :D
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Selling -OZ- DVD [2012.03.12 ■ 5:13pm]

Hello people, I have  A Fact Of Life 20090218 -Territory Tokyo- up for sale over at my journal, along with a bunch of other bands, please take a look if interested!

[2011.10.16 ■ 4:56pm]


Hello everyone!

I'm selling these authentic autographs over at my journal.

I also have various -OZ- flyers and lots of stuff from other bands for sale, so take a look here if you're interested☆
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Reverse Preview [2011.09.22 ■ 12:17am]

[ mood | tired ]

For all who haven't watched it yet

they changed it seems, but I think in an awsome way. And they still rock hehehe 

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tickets for sale! [2011.09.03 ■ 6:49pm]

Hello everyone!

I know it's a bit late but I thought I'd give it a try anyway because anyone of you guys might be interested.

I have two tickets I want to get rid of for tomorrow's event (4th September) at Takadanobaba AREA


ユナイト / L&DS / OZ / イヴ / LANDZ / ZUCK

If you're interested, please drop me a message or comment (。・ω・)ノ゙

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